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Megan Fox is a tattoo loving, free spirited actress and model who has catapulted to stardom after her brilliant performance in Transformers the movie. Many people now know her as the Transformers star, Mikaela Banes. Others know her as the sexiest woman alive, a title she rightfully deserves considering that over 10 million people voted in FHM’s sexiest woman alive survey. A look at her pictures will clear any doubts regarding her status as hottest girl alive. Her ancestry of French, Irish and Native Indian probably played a role in her beautiful features. Her hair is definitely a characteristic of Native Indians, as are her eyes. She is in the early stages of her career and is striving hard to define herself as an actresses. This cutie wants to be known for more than just eye candy. She wants to captivate fans and critics with her acting because according to her, a career that is merely founded on looks won’t last. She doesn’t hold back and in severa articles revealed some of her insecurities such as the one pertaining to her career. The thing is – there is an amazing buzz radiating around Megan Fox and there is good reason why she was voted “Next Big Thing.” About the only negative thing we have on her is that she smokes cigarettes.


Birth and Early Childhood

Megan Denise Fox was born to Darlene and Franklin Tonachio on May 16, 1986 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee a city that is just north of Knoxville. She comes from a small family with only one other sibling, her older sister, Kristie.  Life wasn’t always easy for though, her parents divorced when she was young and her mother struggled to make ends meet and often held odd jobs. Regardless of the hardships, Megan Fox mom was always supportive of Megan, right from the very beginning of Megan’s road to Hollywood. When Megan Fox was only 3 years old, after watching the Wizard of Oz and becoming so enchanted with Dorthy, the character played by Judy Garland – She looked at her mom and said “I will become an actress.” Little Megan Fox wasn’t talking about the future, she literally meant she wanted to become an actress right from that very moment. She actually took it very seriously and started to play the role of Dorthy in real life. Her mother made her a homemade Dorthy outfit, one that she wore for an entire year. She also wouldn’t respond to anyone in her company unless they addressed as her “Dorthy.

Her dream of becoming a Hollywood star continued and by age five began attending drama and dance classes at the local community center in Kingston, a small city in the same county she was born in. Although classes at the community center were a far cry from professional instruction, it was the only option because Megan’s mom couldn’t afford to enroll her daughter in formal acting classes. Megan Fox didn’t care though and simply took advantage of every opportunity that was available. She was also very active in extracurricular school activities, joining both the chorus and swim team – the the Kingston Clippers. Life in Tennessee for wouldn’t last though and at the age of ten Megan Fox and her family packed up and moved south to the sunshine state, Florida.

Teenage Love and Life in Florida

Florida proved to be a good move for the Fox family. They initially moved to St.Petersburg but then settled in Port Lucie, a coastal city on Florida’s eastern seaboard. It was here that Megan Fox developed into the rebellious girl that her fans have come to know. Her mom did her best though and even enrolled Megan in Morningside Academy, a private catholic school. Megan’s rebellious nature wasn’t to be deterred though. She was banned by Walmart for shoplifting lip gloss. Initially she tried to deny it but eventually caved in when store management told her they have her on surveillance camera. Megan was simply different than

the other girls in town, she preferred chilling with the boys rather than hanging out with other girls. She developed a passion for surfing and loved being naughty by sneaking out her mom’s house to be with her boyfriend at the time.

Despite her antics she continued striving for her ultimate goal and won several awards at the American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Such acclaim opened up many doors. Her life in High School was however a living hell, despite being a cheerleader. Girls in school teased her, made fun of her, shunned her and treated her lowly. She hated it and couldn’t wait to get away from such a depressing life. She however did find recluse with her boyfriend a dude named Ben. She went out with him for 3 years and only dated on other dude, Chris and her relationship lasted on 1 month. Sadly, Chris lost his life to a traffic accident after Megan left Florida.

Megan’s big break came in 2001 when she was 15. She starred alongside the Olson twins in the movie: Holiday in the Sun. Although it went directly to video, Megan knew how much potential she had but the only way for her to succeed was to head out west to Hollywood. Megan was becoming tired of small modeling gigs in Florida. She flat out told her manager that she wasn’t meant to be a model because of several factors, one of which she was too short to walk the runway. Life in Florida was all but done and the only thing Megan Fox wanted was to have her boyfriend Ben come along. It wasn’t meant to be as he turned her down and Megan Fox and her mom headed alone to the city of Angels.

Megan Fox Becomes A Star After Transformers

Megan’s career was pretty stagnate after she met Brian Austin Green, it remained that way for for a couple of years. That all changed with her role in Transformers. Luck is what she calls it. Luck could also be destiny. The numbers and fame from before her role in the mega hit movie and after starring as Milkaela Banes is mind boggling. She was ranked 60 something on the sexiest woman alive list prior to Transformers and now she is ranked #1 in the world. Her beautiful looks were always there but when such looks appear on big screen via a role that was played excellently by her, well things were bound to change.

So maybe she is right, maybe it was luck but even so and luck without natural and authentic beauty and talent would eventually end. This won’t be the case with Megan Fox because the sky is literally the limit with her and since appearing in Transformers she has made numerous magazine covers in the US, including: GQ, FHM, Maxim, Cosmopolitan. Japanese and Europeans also love her and she has made the covers of numerous international magazines as well. She is in such high demand that her phone never stops ringing. Many events want her to make an appearance because she simply makes any event livelier, sexier and simply better with her style and beauty. Put it this way – she wears a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps like no one else can.

The world can expect much more from Megan Fox in the coming years, she’s already starred in the superb comedy How to Lose Friends & Alienate People and also has two new movies coming out in 2009 – Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen and Jennifer’s Body by Diablo Cody. There are also rumors that she will star in Ironclad and Hack & Slash. She has always wanted a chance to make a name for herself in Hollywood, she has already in a big way, but there are better and bigger things to come from the her. Tabloids love comparing her to Angelina Jolie, mostly on the basis of a weak tattoo argument, Jolie never monopolized the art of body art, she wasn’t the first and she won’t be the last to get tattooed and Megan Fox fans love the way Megan inks herself, it’s different, it’s unique and it’s beautiful. She is simply her own person, and with time this will become more than apparent, keep tabs on her because she is only beginning, turning only 23 in the summer of 2009, this cutie could literally run it up on us for the next 10 years.